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The Comments are More Interesting

by Cannabispundit on 04/10/14

If you want to waste your time reading David Frum's article in the National Post, it's on you. I found the comment from Craig Jones way more in touch with reality.

David Frum is a smart guy who should know better. Most of
the arguments recycled in this piece are essentially a lament on why
policy makers didn't address the cannabis issue decades ago when the evidence
became clear that criminalizing cannabis use was more harmful than use of the
drug itself. Had policy makers in the 1940s and ‘50s not succumbed to the
temptation to demonize and scapegoat, they might have paused long enough to
take a close look at the already substantial evidence around them and concluded
that, on balance, criminal prohibition would produce greater harms – social and
individual – than the drug itself. They could have, if intelligent and well
intentioned, gotten ahead of the issue and mitigated many of the concerns Frum
worries about today. Many problems get worse the longer we put off dealing with
them – cannabis is one of them. It was inevitable that the longer policy makers
lied and fear-mongered, the more intractable the problems would become. Then
the internet happened.

Frum says public policy is about tradeoffs. Actually it’s
more like the trading of big serious problems for slightly smaller less serious
problems – but only if we’re extremely smart and lucky. The experience of
cannabis shows that policy makers can be extremely stupid for a long, long
time. Legal cannabis may indeed mean more teen cannabis use – but if legal
cannabis means fewer youth with criminal records most people who have studied
this issue would regard that as a net win for individuals and the society in
which they live. Frum would too if he thought about it.
Craig Jones, PhD | Executive Director
National Organization
for the Reform of Marijuana Laws in Canada

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