If we could just get her to watch Sajay Gupta's "Weed" : Florida Medical Marijuana
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If we could just get her to watch Sajay Gupta's "Weed"

by Cannabispundit on 04/09/14

Calvina Fay expressed in a letters to Florida Legislature leaders that the Charlotte's Web strain of Cannabis was Bad Bad Bad. She thinks "Epidiolex" is the way to go. I don't know enough about to say if it's good or bad. The point is she does, because it's in trial stages with the FDA. I think she thinks the FDA is the only research institution in the world. Her quote i like the best is

 "There is still time to amend the bills to include expanded access to clinical trials. Floridians deserve medical treatment that is based on both compassion and scientific research." -Calvina Fay

If we could just get her to watch "Weed" She might just jump over to the good guys side.

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