​Vintage Pharms of Florida

A State of Florida Limited Liability Company
The Offering:


8.00% Deferred, Cumulative, Non-Compounding, Debentures

10% Participation

7-10 Years, Minimum Investment: $100,000

For Accredited Investors Only

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Executive Management Team

The executive Management Team presents a combination of experience with effectively running and managing, extremely successful private and public businesses. The Executive Management Team is a unique and intentional grouping of people that brings its focused vision of excellence to the operations of the Company and supports the Company's mission to cultivate and deliver medical marijuana in accordance with the highest standards for quality of products, services, patient safety and public safety. Our Company's goal is to be the "gold standard" of medical marijuana cultivators and dispenser in Florida.

The estimated Capital Expenses required by the Company for the Cultivation and Dispensary operations is budgeted at $ 2,000,000. The Company's management company, MCF Management Company, LLC will be incurring certain of the Capital Expenses in connection with its provision of items and services to the Company to establish and operate a Medical Cannabis Center.

The Capital Expenses are related to the cost of renovating buildings and installing security systems for cultivation and dispensing facilities. The Company will have long term leases on buildings or greenhouses. The cultivation building will be approximately 30,000 - 40,000 square feet. The dispensaries will be 3,000 - 6,000 square feet.

The Company entered into a Management Agreement with MCF Management Company to obtain funding as well as assistance with the management of the Medical Cannabis Center. The Company needed capital to fund the estimated 2M in Capital Expenses and initial Operating Expenses. MCF Management will loan the Company 2M to certain of these expenses. In addition, MCF provides turn-key management services to the Company, including build-out of the Cultivation Facility and Dispensaries and the supplies, furniture and equipment and staff needed to operate the Cultivation Facility and Dispensary.

Strategic Planning Assumptions

On November 21, 2013 Quinipac University conduct a survey in Florida, 82% of the respondents were in favor of legalized medical marijuana. The Constitutional Amendment will be on the ballot in November. Nationally, 2013 surveys indicated that 58% of respondents are in favor of recreational marijuana, and the stigma that remains is with those citizens over 65 years of age.

While the demand for medicinal marijuana in Florida is somewhat uncertain, Colorado data show that 2.17% of the total population of Colorado obtained medical marijuana in 2011 - 2012, resulting in 219M in sales. Because 2016 will be the first year that medical cannabis is available (provided passage of the Constitutional Ammendment) in Florida, it may take time for Patients to find Certifying Physicians and feel comfortable using medical cannabis. It is also unclear how many competing Medical Cannabis Centers there will be in our defined service area. Based on these considerations, the Company projects approximately 2% of the total Florida population or 386,400 individuals, in the Patient Pool will obtain the product initially and no more than 50% of the Patient Pool will obtain the product in the first year. The budget and income projections are solely good faith preliminary projections, are not guarantees and are subject to change as the Company begins its operations.

Public Relations Plan

The Company's Web Site will provide information on the Dispensaries, the various medical marijuana options available and the quality control testing conducted by the external lab company. It will also provide certain patient education as permitted in accordance with regulations.

The Team will use "best practices" learned from their prior professional experiences to ensure that the Dispensaries are not only successful but also become know as the premier destination for Patients in need of medical marijuana. By consistently providing exceptional patient service, education and privacy in a professional and secure setting, the Company expects that "word of mouth" recommendations will provide the most important and cost-effective marketing approach.

The Company will work with disease-based associations, such as hospices and patient service groups that coordinate service and support for patients with debilitating medical conditions, to develop educational materials to increase awareness of the possible benefits and side effects of using medical cannabis.

In addition, the Company will work with each Dispensary's "host community" (the community's municipal officials, police chief, sheriff, civic leaders and chamber of commerce) to ensure that the Company works collaboratively with the host community and creates a positive community experience. In addition, once financially able, the Company will make donations to various charitable programs in the host community.

Inside the Dispensaries, there will not be any marijuana plant leaves or other images of marijuana paraphernalia that will make the Dispensary look or feel like a "pot shop". To the contrary, the Dispensaries will look and feel like professional offices with appropriate levels of security. Each Dispensary, in accordance with regulations, will provide Patients the opportunity to purchase or lease vaporizers and other "user products". None of the Company's Dispensary locations will be situated in a location that will allow for congregation of people. The Team will closely oversee the Company's image, as it is critical to long-term community acceptance.