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Vintage Pharms of Florida, The leader in educating Floridians about the future of Medical Marijuana in Florida. To invest in our company you must be an "Accredited Investor" 

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Vintage Pharms of Florida, is positioned to win one of the highly coveted licenses to cultivate & dispense medical marijuana in Florida. Our management team whose backgrounds include Executive Business Management, Health Care Providers, Security, Law and Accounting, look forward to serving Florida's qualified Medical Cannabis patients.

The Investors page (password protected) is available to Florida residents who qualify as "Accredited Investors". Contact us for your private login information. Be a Part of Florida Medical Marijuana.

Vintage Pharms has a Cultivation page (password protected) that demonstrates how we will grow and account for every plant from seed-to-sale. Serious Accredited Investors should Contact us for their private login information.

Make sure to check out Vintage Pharms of Florida's compilation of powerful videos that demonstrate the many medicinal benefits of medical marijuana.

Our Articles section will keep you up to date on the latest news about medical Marijuana in Florida and around the nation.

Vintage Pharms will let our opinion be known through our Florida Medical Marijuana Blog.

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